eSun ABS 2.85/3.00mm Filament 1kg

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 Black and White only available in 2.85mm. Other colours are all 3.00mm

ABS is more durable and has better elongation at break than PLA, however requires more work to get right. Due to some of the fumes that are let off while printing with ABS, we recommend keeping the printer in a well ventilated room. We recommend using an enclosure as ABS is susceptible to warping. To help aid the filament stick to the bed, we recommend using either a glue stick, or hair spray.

  • Strong, durable filament
  • Heated bed necessary ( Enclosure recommended) 
  • Low shrinkage rate
  • Uniform diameter
  • Raft Recommended


Diameter: 2.85mm (+/- 0.05mm)
Extrusion Temp 220 ~ 260 C
Build Plate Temp  (OPTIONAL) 100 C

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