eSun eTwinkling 3D Printing Filament Spotlight

Add some sparkle to your christmas 3D printing with eSun eTwinkling filament

Welcome to our first ever 3D Printing filament spotlight! We are busy benchmarking and testing all the filament variants we have so you can trust we know what our filament is like ourselves. 

In our first spotlight we look at the eSun eTwinkling range. Keep an eye out on our social media to get a closer look at these filaments.



eSun eTwinkling 3D Printing Filament Spotlight


Our favourite eTwinkling colours are blue and purple. We love how vibrant both these colours are. Interested in checking out our range? - find it here 

Got questions about eTwinkling filament? - drop us a message with your questions and let's have a chat. We are here to help!


Happy Printing!

The Bits4bots Team



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