3D Printing Guide

3D Printing in a nutshell!

To help you get started, below is the summary of what 3D printing is all about! This is a beginner’s platform created to help you understand and learn fundamentals of 3D printing without digging deep into the technicality of the process itself. This guide is for parents and everyday folks, who don’t necessarily have a technical background or time, to know what the buzz around 3D printing is all about!

Let’s begin!

  • What is 3D Printing?
    • a printing process used to make a physical object of various size, shapes and materials!
    • imagine normal printing on a paper done repeatedly over and over again, layer by layer to create a 3 dimensional object
    • instead of ink, printing on a paper, here we use plastic filament (a thin cable) to print and create an object by re-heating and melting that thin plastic cable to form layers
  • Why use 3D printing or invest in a printer?
    • it enables you to create physical objects without having to know much about designing, crafting, joining or having to go to your garage and play with tools and techniques
    • Imagine you wanted to create stand for your phone, a case for your cuff-links or a customized body for your home made robot! – now you can with a low-cost desktop 3D printer
    • you can download a design of an object for free  with a click of a button and print or modify as per your needs with minimal effort
    • it promotes creativity by enabling anyone and everyone to create objects and modify designs to customize as per your needs
    • it’s handy – you don’t have to order parts and wait for them only to find out that they don’t fit on your application
    • knowledge of design leads to better problem solving skills – it opens door for you to get involved in design industry
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