3D Printing/CAD Service

We have range of 3D printers available to offer you very competitive service.

There are two elements to the way we charge you for 3D printing.

First element is the material charge which would be based on how much material is required to print your part and what sort of material is suitable for your application. PLA/ABS material will be charged at $33 per Kg ($0.033 per gram) whereas other engineering materials vary in prices.

Second element is the machine time required to 3D print your part. This will vary based on resolution of your part. For one off part, PLA can be printed at $8/hr ($0.13 / minute) whereas ABS and other engineering material will be charged at $12 per hour.


For example:

Pricing Example Benchy

A model of benchy boat measures 60x31x48mm. It will take 1 hour 15 minute to print it and it will use 12grams of PLA material.

Therefore it will cost:

A: 12g x $0.033 = $0.40 MATERIAL CHARGE


B: 75min x $0.13 =  $10 MACHINE TIME CHARGE


$10.396 + GST


We can offer you post processing service to sand the surface or prime it for further painting at extra cost.

If you need bulk printing, we can offer you much more competitive rates. Please fill out the google form or email us with the details.



Resolution: This refers to height of each layer. Standard height is 0.2mm where layer lines are only visible if you look at the printed part up close. We can print form 0.06mm to 0.28 layer height. See below:

Layer Height Compare

Infill or Density: This refers to how dense you want your part to be from inside. 0% is hollow from inside and 100% is fully SOLID. For most parts, 20% is sufficient but you can chose about 40% to 60% to add strength to your part. See how they compare below:

Infill Percentage


You can either fill out the form at the bottom of the page (20MB file size limit) or the google from in link below.

If you happen to have the STL file for the object, you can fill out the google form below that will allows us to generate a quote for you.


or email us on info@bits4bots.co.nz with details of your idea/STL