E3D 24V Power Supply (16.5A, 400W) - EPSU- 24V-400W

E3D 24V Power Supply (16.5A, 400W) - EPSU- 24V-400W

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There is a voltage-selector switch so configure the PSU to match your national supply voltage which must be checked and set upon receipt of the supply. The default setting is 220V which is less likely to cause damage if plugged into a 110V supply, however, the reverse may cause irreversible damage.

Friendly advice

This part is aimed at experienced users, if you are not comfortable wiring in your own mains then please consider an alternative supply. All terminals must be insulated to avoid short-circuit and risk of electrocution to anyone that may be exposed to your printer. Please play safe!

Key features:

- DC output voltage: 24V

- DC output current: 16.5

- DC output voltage error: +-1%

- Ripple and noise: 6.5A/115V 4A/230V

- Efficiency: 81%

- Input current: 6.5A/115V 4A/230V

- AC input voltage range: 85-132VAC/170-264VAC 47-63HZ 240-370VDC

- Overload protection: 105-135% cut off the output auto-recovery

- Over-voltage protection 115-135 cut off the output auto-recovery

- Weight: 927g

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