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E3D Revo™ 60W 24V RC Core

E3D Revo™ 60W 24V RC Core

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Do you need the new 60W Revo HeaterCore to use High Flow? 

For the majority of uses cases the standard 40W HeaterCore will suffice, however, if you want to maximise your performance with high temperature materials we would recommend upgrading to the 60W core to reach the full potential of Revo High Flow. 

All ‘High Flow Hotside’ kits come with a 60W core, but individual nozzles are also available if you don’t want to upgrade to 60W.

Why is 60W core only available in 24V, and not 12V?

The universal standard 40W version is available in 12V and 24V to cater for everybody. However a 12V-60W core results in a higher current than the rated current on a number of printer mainboards in use in the market. This doesn’t stop people with 12V systems using High Flow nozzles – they just won’t get the absolute peak flow performance in some niche printing cases.

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