eSun 3D Filament Spool for Refilament

  • $4.99

1. Using transparent PC material, real-time observation of filaments usage, high strength and toughness

2. Sheet body assembly structure, light weight, space saving, convenient transportation, resource saving, reusable, environmentally friendly

3. Large hollow structure, PC material that can withstand high temperature, convenient for drying conventional and high-performance filaments


Assembly instructions:

1. First, distinguish the front and back of the espool, the side with grooves and label slots is the front side, and the smooth side is the back side;

2. Align the 3 pieces of the small piece with the fixing holes and insert them into the back of the disc;

3. Put the filament refills into espool;

4. Align the other disc with the fixed pillar and press and splice.

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