eSun ePAHT-CF (Nylon + Carbon Fiber) 1.75mm Filament 0.75kg

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ePAHT-CF (nylon carbon fiber) is a material jointly developed by eSUN and LUVOCOM.

Compared with PA66, the size and electrical properties of ePAHT-CF are less affected by humidity and temperature. The strength of ePAHT-CF is higher than other eSUN nylon series products. The surface of the printed items is matte and fine. On the basis of the performance of PA6, 15% high-rigidity carbon fiber is added, high-strength, high-rigidity, impact resistance, self-lubricating and abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, the continuous use temperature of the parts can reach 150°C, and the short-term use temperature can reach 180°C. It can be detected by metal detector (≥ 2 mm³). The  strip electrode insulation resistance and surface resistance are less than 102Ω. It can be used as a conductive and antistatic material. Compared with pure nylon, the shrinkage rate and water absorption rate are greatly reduced. The printed model has high dimensional stability, good mechanical performance, good interlayer bonding, excellent printability, low distortion, no warping, and no chamber or bed heat is required.  


Product advantages:

  • High strength, high rigidity, the strength is much higher than other eSUN nylon series products
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent surface effect
  • Excellent printability, good interlayer adhesion, no warping
  • Conductive and antistatic

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