eSun PLA + 2.85mm Filament 1 kg

  • $32.99


Diameter: 2.85mm (+/- 0.05mm) 
Extrusion Temp 205 ~ 225 C
Build Plate Temp  (OPTIONAL) No heat/ (60 ~ 80) C
Biomaterial extracted from corn grain, natural degradable and pollution-free for environment; high rigidity, good gloss and transparency; printing process is non-toxic and tasteless, no curling.

PLA+ has additional additives added into its regular PLA. These additional additives improve the strength of the filament (at least 2 times tougher than regular PLA). PLA has a higher tendency to snap under pressure, where PLA+ is more likely to bend. It also gives a smoother surface finish. PLA+ is also better with dealing with bridging and overhangs so there is less stringing and supports are not required as often. 

PLA+ is our best seller as it is a very easy to use filament. You will need to print at a slightly higher temperature than regular PLA. We recommend PLA+ especially for those larger prints.

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