Gates Powergrip® *2GT* Idlers - 6mm Belt - 5mm ID

  • $7.00

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Gates Idlers

Gates 2GT Idlers are available in two options Toothed and Smooth. 

Toothed idlers are important in cases when in contact with the tooth side of the belt where using a smooth idler or a bearing causes the teeth to be crushed. Deforming the teeth reduces registration accuracy and significantly reduces the lifespan of the belt. Toothed idlers allow the belt to glide freely, whilst gently cupping the teeth as it traverses around the curve.

Smooth Idlers come in precisely machined diameters that coincide with the belts pitch circle diameter, allowing for easy design of parallel belt paths. This ensures that the tension of the belt remains constant throughout the stroke of the belt. Gates smooth idlers have correct flanges, clearances and are concentric, meaning diameter and positioning of the centerline is precisely aligned to keep the belt straight and true.

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